SNAPP Guides supports the Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance

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Cape Kamenjak on the Istrian Peninsula by Luka Esenko

The Adriatic coastline is dear to the hearts of the SNAPP Guides team and a favourite among photographers for incredible photographic locations. At pretty much any time of the day and in any conditions those sparkling emerald waters provide endless inspiration. That’s the way we want it to stay, and that’s the reason we have added our voices to the #AdriaticPledge launched by the Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance. The petition calls on Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania to implement a permanent ban on hydrocarbon exploration and production drilling in the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy this amazing shot by Luka Esenko, Co-founder of SNAPP Guides, which reminds us of the natural beauty of this stunning coastline. #wesupport #AdriaticPledge

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