How I got that shot – Trough House Bridge, Lake District

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SNAPP Guides customer, Pete Rowbottom talked to us about a recent shoot in the Lake District. Read “How I Got That Shot – Trough House Bridge”

Trough House Bridge, Lake District, UK by Pete Rowbottom

“Normally when I plan a shoot, the first thing I want is a location before anything else even comes into play, like weather or time of day. Without a location you can’t begin to look at those other elements. The Lake District was the destination of this shoot to meet up with two other photographers, one of them on holiday from America.  We had arrived in Eskdale after shooting up at Hardknott Roman Fort, but the weather had deteriorated so we retreated to a nearby pub to get some food and plan another shoot if the weather should break for us.

We used the SNAPP Guide to photographing the Lake District which we had previously downloaded onto an android tablet – not needing to be online in remote area is such a big plus. We searched for shooting locations near to us and the guide did the rest. Although we knew of Stanley Ghyll Falls nearby, the Trough House Bridge shot wasn’t one we had planned, or indeed knew about. This spot was a pleasant surprise and very easy to tie in with our other planned locations. As it happens the weather cleared for us and we shot both locations.

The SNAPP Guide really pulled this one out of the bag for us as a bonus location! The ability to be able to search offline for locations near to where you are is just fantastic, and no need to be lugging about any heavy books that can damaged by the weather.

The map feature is really useful, I use it in conjunction with Alpine Quest mapping software loaded up with UK Memory Map files – again fully useable offline so you only need a GPS fix to appear on the map which is really handy for plotting routes between locations if on foot.













Other Apps I use for planning a shoot are; The Photographers Ephemeris (conveniently accessible within the SNAPP Guides app) which allows you to see where the light falls onto a scene at any time of day (and more); If shooting at night Photopills is a great app for seeing where the Milky Way will be at any location, on any given date; I also use Yr for weather forecasts, even though it’s based in Norway it seems to give the best results. The SNAPP app falls in line with all these nicely for me, and as I own quite a few of their guides, I can easily switch UK locations if the weather decides to take a turn for the worse, as they are all accessible on my phone or tablet –  no more worrying about leaving that book at home… that one you actually needed!”

Our thanks to Peter Rowbottom for sharing his shoot with us! See more of his shots here 

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