OnLandscape features SNAPP Guides pro photographer, Luka Esenko

Tim Parkin and the OnLandscape team interviewed SNAPP Guides co-founder and pro photographer Luka Esenko in their latest issue and it’s a great read! Luka talks about his passion for his craft, inspiration for his images and how he and his business partner Jules came up with the idea for SNAPP Guides, to help other photographers get to some of the incredible destinations he’s been privileged to photograph.

Luka Esenko

Jules Renahan
​I was looking for a way to balance my love of photography with family life and my background in marketing and teaching. Since creating SNAPP Guides with Luka whilst living and working in Slovenia, I’ve started out on my most exciting journey yet. My focus is on growing the guides, building our team of incredible pro photographers, sharing what we’re up to with our community and working on the SNAPP company culture. When I’m not working I love our family travels in ‘Steve’, our Campervan, and making time for photography as much as I can.
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